Surprise! I’m in Korea — and currently I’m undergoing the mandatory 2-week quarantine at a government facility (unfortunately, I do not have Korean citizenship since I was born in America, and I’m here on visa-free travel aka without a long-term visa). Jet lag is so real.

Today, I’ll be introducing…

This week, I’ll be moving on to another JavaScript data structure — the queue. I’ll be discussing what a queue is and what the advantages/disadvantages are in this blog. Next week, I will discuss how to implement a queue using an array.

Cats in a grocery line


A queue is exactly what you think it…

This week’s blog will not be part of my JavaScript Data Structures series. Instead, I’ll be discussing a common question about CSS — what is the difference between CSS Grid and Flexbox?

It took me a bit to understand the concepts and mechanisms of both, but with a lot of…

This week, we’re moving onto another JavaScript data structure — Linked lists!

Linked lists are a bit complicated to comprehend at first, but once you learn it and figure out how to implement one, they’re quite simple, really!

You’ll encounter linked lists on a good amount of algorithm-based questions. I’ll…

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